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Are you looking to expand your capabilities with your digital or film camera. In additon to learning how to compose images in an outdoor setting, this class will help increase your comfort level with your equipment.  Geared toward beginners and intermediates from teens to seniors, attendees have included hobbyists, birders, artists and carvers seeking to improve on the gathering of reference material and nature lover's looking to expand their capabilities. At the end, you will be able to take your camera off automatic and you take the photograph you want instead of what your camera thinks you want…..and done right, there is little need for software manipulation!!

    Currently Scheduled Workshops for Spring 2018 (check later for Fall classes)

    ( Contact Sol at naturpix@mindspring.com for further information and updated schedules )

    April 3, 10, 24

    6:30 - 9:00 pm

    (plus photoshoot at Duke Gardens on Sat., April 21)
    Durham Arts Council
    120 Morris Street
    Durham, NC

    (for the class sessions)

    Info & registration:
    919-560-2787 or
    Durham Arts Council Class Schedule
    or register via mail
    May 5

    9:30am - about 3:30pm
    Rolesville Community Center
    514 Southtown Circle
    Rolesville, NC 27571
    Info  & registration:: 919-554-6582
    Rolesville Parks and Recreation Catalog
    or register by mail

    no later than April 30
    June 2

    9:30am - about 3:30pm
    Flaherty Park Community Center
    1226 North White Street
    Wake Forest, NC 27587
    Info & registration:
    Rec-Connect on line or walk-in registration

    no later than May 26

    Also for information: contact Sol Levine: naturpix@mindspring.com


    What's the workshop about?

    f-stop? Shutter speed? What do these things do? Manual or automatic? Printing a photograph? Wide angle vs. macro vs telephoto? Are any of these questions you have asked or photography questions you have ever asked? They and many more will be answered in this outdoor and nature photography workshop and intermediates We’ll talk what fools those automatic light meters (and how to compensate for them), coping with changing light conditions outdoors, compostion and more. You’ll get notes, reprints, have some fun, learn a lot and walk away taking photographs rather than having your camera snap a picture for you.

    We’ll look at maximizing equipment at minimal costs and the tradeoffs on equipment, metering, etc photography We’ll have optional  shooting sessions in many sessions.

    Open discussion and questions are encouraged, allowing participants to get some specific questions answered. The free exchange of information and ideas has proven to be helpful to all participants.

    What do you get? Each participant gets a binder containing the discussion notes, reprints of many articles to reinforce some of the discussion and other information.

    What do you have to bring to the workshop?  

    Some enthusiasm for photography, a willingness to learn and some patience. Depending upon the time and location,  participants are asked to bring a bag lunch  Most people bring a camera (everything from disposables to the top-of-line have been in the same workshop) if they want some specific questions answered about it or if they plan to shoot as part of the workshop.

    More information: Contact the location noted above or Sol Levine at naturpix@mindspring.com


    Show Schedule - 2018 (check back; some shows are presently pending)

    DATE NAME & LOCATION SPONSOR (and website if applicable)

    Feb 10-11

    East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival
    Civic Center
    110 Gladden Street
    Washington, NC

    Arts of the Pamlico

    March 17-18

    11am - 6pm

    Rappahannock River Waterfowl Show
    White Stone Firehouse
    579 Chesapeake Drive
    White Stone, VA

    Rappahannock River Waterfowl Show